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We are both 55 years of age and thanks to Evening Touch we are happy together and still in love and getting married in August , 2015 in Kitwe.Douglas and I met on Evening Touch in 2015 and dated for a month before going our separate ways, however, we still remained friends occasionally catching up.According to a local psychologist, Nelson Morudi, the age difference between couples has two sides to it.He says that statistical evidence has shown that the older party is likely to die first, which he also questions as there are no guarantees about when one’s time is up.“I have never heard any of these husbands or wives say anything about wishing they had done things differently and married someone closer to their age,” he says.It is a commonly accepted idea that men prefer the company of younger women, while women prefer men who are older.They believe that an older man would not bed everything with a pulse in a skirt.Some older men believe, on the other hand, that having a young woman makes them feel young and fulfils sexually.

They, too, found that men predictably preferred younger partners than did women.“It’s the love that matters most and if you love an older man or woman, go ahead,” says Khumo Morekwa, a university graduate.

I was never going to join Evening Touch, until my workmate convinced me to do so!

Only 4 weeks into my membership I met my now husband Krish (and my housemate, Yona, met her long term partner Evance only a week later).

“The issues that two people who are married and roughly the same age face may be similar or may be different from the issues that couples with vast age differences face. In most parts of the world, it is not uncommon for young women to marry older men.

Everyone has their own opinions as to why a girl would marry an older man, especially one that is much older than her.

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Some suffer the shame of being labelled gold-diggers or trophy-brides.

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