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Ahora, decidimos agrupar dichas Notas Especiales, desde la primera, e iremos enlistando las nuevas para que puedan ser consultadas en cualquier momento, con interaccin con las redes sociales para su difusin.Puedes acceder a ellas a travs del siguiente enlace: es un sitio innovador que rene todas las caractersticas que un cibernauta busca, con la finalidad de motivarlos a volver a visitarnos. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled on October 30 that the August directive barring transgender individuals from serving in the military encourages “inherent inequality.” She partially granted an injunction requested by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, who are leading a suit against the directive.Traveling to Providence, Rhode Island, from Baltimore is easy and very affordable.

You’re supposed to be able — in a context where one can live happily, and part of what an individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner — to have a fulfilling, romantic and sexual relationship. But an Amazon doesn’t look at another Amazon and say, ' You’re gay.' They don’t. Now, are we saying Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women?

Para ofrecer un mejor servicio, implementamos un nuevo sistema en los banners de nuestros anunciantes, tanto en pgina Principal, como en sala de chat y secciones Especiales, el cual nos permitir proporcionar un reporte detallado de clics e impresiones que tuvieron en cada periodo de contratacin.

Por polticas de Facebook, y para ofrecerte un mejor servicio en nuestras redes sociales, unificamos nuestro Perfil y Fan Page en uno solo. Desde 2009, peridicamente hemos estado publicando Notas Especiales en nuestra pgina Principal, de diversas noticias o temas de inters para nuestros Usuarios.

Of its male queer characters, DC's track record is more mixed; although a new series launches in October, Bunker — the gay member of the Teen Titans team — is one of two characters not to move with the team into its new series launched this week.

(John Constantine, who anchors the series, is also canonically bisexual.) This doesn't mean that audiences can expect a scene where Wonder Woman dramatically announces her sexuality to the reader, however.

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"If Grant Morrison writes an books thrive on a distillation of the fundamental truths of these characters." The writer also spoke about DC's position on the topic. "I think every publisher can be lit up for moments of negligence and mistakes they made, but it matters a great deal to me that DC be given their due here.

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