Updating palm web browers

This software pops up a nicer message and automatically restarts your Palm so you don't need to dig around to find that reset pin.

The Palm OS Sys Random() call is a weak pseudo-random number generator. If you have OS 5 or better, see the Calculators section above for the OS 5 version of this calculator.

This hack gathers randomness or "entropy" by recording system events and then uses this entropy to patch Palm OS's Sys Random() call to generate high-quality random numbers for any application that needs them. Turns off the beeping sound that occurs with nearly every tap, making your Palm not quite as annoying.

The local copy is the version I had on my Palm when I was told the official site was down. It is different than turning off the system sound because you will still get the beeps when alerts pop up and the sound when you hotsync. Lets owners of older Palms access the menus easier, just like the newer models.

Versions on the official web site are shareware only – this is the only freeware version and it is only for non-commercial use.

Shared library that makes IEEE-754 double-precision math functions available to developers.

This library is used to decompress as well as compress data, and is used in Plucker and Deflater (two examples also listed on this web page).

A superior replacement for the built-in launcher (the applications screen).

Unfortunately, this site is a bit on the small size and doesn't have loads of software.

"Mumbo jumbo" comes from a West African tribal priest, Ma-ma-dyumbo, who could perform great feats of magic.

The only negative thing is that it is only black & white.

Version 2.2 is the last freeware stable release of the software.

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You can just tap on the menu bar on the top of the screen instead of finding the silkscreened menu button near the graffiti area.

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