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This provides a wide variety of experiences from owners, engineers, contractors and commissioning agents.

This forum confidentially discusses real world results in California for VAV lab exhausts and discusses the upcoming 2018-2019 revisions to California Title 24 for VAV lab exhausts.

This workshop presents the state of terminology in each country and a proposal for a common overview.

The presentation compares and contrasts critical building performance requirements for Climate Zone 0 with previous editions of the standard.

This presentation explores Climate Zone 0 and changes to 90.1.

Comparing and contrasting building performance requirements for Climate Zone 0 with previous editions, focusing on building envelope and air leakage impacting HVAC decisions and building energy performance.

Are Millennials too busy learning ductwork design to worry about controls?

Is higher environmental conscience a strong enough driver in this group? Discussion about the performance of buildings shows increasing connectedness of critical energy, power and water issues.

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Combined with analysis of environmental trends, these shared issues define an expanding international role for ASHRAE standards.

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