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Ghosting can happen when you’ve only been out a few times or even when things are serious.– Matrimania: A term coined by sociologist and Post contributor Bella De Paulo to describe "the over-the-top celebrating and hyping of marriage and coupling and weddings." (E.g., "I just can’t handle the matrimania of wedding season.")– Raya: Also known as "celebrity Tinder," it’s an exclusive dating app for creative types with large Instagram followings.

It’s where comedian Amy Schumer met her now-ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch; and according to a list from Nylon, actress Sharon Stone, designer Alexander Wang and the DJ Dilpo are among its members.

"All these very casual ways of reaching out and contacting people, I think it gives (people) permission to say: Hey, the risk is very low," Hogi told me.

"She’s not going to curse me out on the phone and hurt my feelings.

All employees must complete the Annual Disclosure and Certification Form.

The supervisor should review the disclosure form with the employee and confirm that no potential for conflict of interest exists.

Although both employees involved in a consensual relationship are individually responsible for disclosure, a supervisor's failure to report such a relationship will be regarded as a serious lapse in the management of the workplace and grounds for appropriate disciplinary action, including termination (particularly in cases where bias or harassment has occurred in connection with a benefit).It can be as a simple as an ex who disappeared liking something on your Facebook or Instagram, sending a request to connect on Linked In or reaching out and trying to get together.Dating coach Francesca Hogi says that zombie-ing is quite common now that technology allows people to disappear from one another’s lives and then easily parachute back in.Supervisors who receive a report that someone who reports to them is involved in a consensual romantic or sexual relationship with an employee the supervisor supervises will be expected to speak confidentially with the person(s) involved.If the relationship exists, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that decisions are made in an unbiased setting.

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