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About half (49%) are unconcerned posting personal info online might negatively affect their future.(Most employers now do a search for their prospective employees.Now, over 22% have reported using dating apps on mobile.This has significant implications for marketers who are looking to target today’s largest consumer groups: Millennials and Generation Z.A recent study from the American Psychological Association found some interesting results regarding the statistics of Internet predators and today’s youth.They found that the majority of Internet predators do not pose as children as the prior conception of the Internet predator stereotype was perceived.Of course, the children do not tell their parents whom they are chatting with so how are parents supposed know who their kids are chatting with on the Internet.With the advent of Facebook and the other thousands of social networking and chat sites on the Internet, danger is only a click away.

Online dating has become a destination for people looking for positive changes in their lives.Online dating is growing in popularity among adults over 50, too.For individuals between the ages 55 and 64, online dating usage has doubled from 6% and 12% between 2013 to 2015.The efficacy of dating apps suggests that online dating is here to stay, and may even gradually replace traditional avenues for finding romance.This presents an interesting possibility for marketers to tie their brands to the pursuit of finding love.

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That is when a teen sends nude or semi nude pictures of themselves and sends them to other people with their cell phone. However, many teens remain unconcerned about the risks of sharing personal info on the Internet and nearly two-thirds post photos or videos of themselves on social networks like Facebook and Friendster.

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