Naughty facetime

I figured I'd be lucky enough to show up at all, let alone get her into a hogtie.

Getting her restrained spread eagle would be icing on the cake.

At some point we got into a back and forth of her telling me that she wasn't all that ticklish, and of me telling her I'd love the challenge of seeing how much I could get her to laugh, and squirm.

At one point when we were more sexual than usual in our chats, I told her I could probably get her to cum just by tickling her clit.

[11 mins 10 secs] Since my son went away to college he never comes home or calls or writes. He tells me how much he has missed Mommy's sexy body.

So I am very pleasantly surprised this evening when he facetimes me. Immediately I start quizzing him about how things are at college. I really want to cheer him up but he is so far away. I am uncomfortable with this talk but I don't want him to hang up and not call again. I pan down and show him the pajamas I am wearing to bed. Soon he asks to see Mommy's nice big beautiful breasts.

Still, she kind of liked the idea of surprising him online since he had told her it was one of his fantasies.

Keep in mind, I hadn't told her about the message I had sent to her husband even though she knew about the swingers site, and she knew that he still chatted with people about with them.

After all, he reminded me to be discreet if I ever posted anything online because I didn't want to scare her off by sending her a private message with no prior contact, so I decided to read through her posts to see how she responded to fans.After responding to my private message, she and I began to chat via our email addresses.At some point I revealed to her my fetish for seeing women who are tied and tickled, and I ended up asking her if she ever had anyone do that to her.Even though I already knew ahead of time from her husband's profile on that swingers site that she had enjoyed swinging, and had in fact been tied up for sexual fun, I acted as if I was unaware when to my surprise she confessed that she had been tied and tickled before.I guessed that one of the reasons she probably felt more free to chat with me about this is because we lived a couple thousand miles apart, and she probably didn't think we'd ever get together in person.

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