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A multi-dimensional scale is developed assessing five dimensions of singles-friendly culture: social inclusion, equal work opportunities, equal access to benefits, equal respect for nonwork life, and equal work expectations.

Employees with families perceived more equity in most of these facets than did singles.

Once you complete your review of our debt settlement guide, you will know more than the majority of sales people who are the front line for selling debt negotiation to the public.

CRN advocates settling credit card debt as a personal financial solution.

BUZZARDS BAY — The Bourne Board of Health voted Tuesday to take new measures to try to make sure the Pocasset Mobile Home Park doesn't go without leadership when Charles Sabatt, the court-appointed receiver for the park, gives up the reins possibly later this week.

Although research has examined work-family issues and organizational support for employees’ family responsibilities, few studies have explored the work-life issues of single employees without children.

The current study examines single employees’ perceptions of how their organizations support their work-life balance in comparison to employees with families.

The lower negotiated amount should be something you can afford to pay in one lump sum, or over time if it is a term settlement agreement.

Negotiating and paying a lower amount to settle debts you are already late with is very common.

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Debt settlement is what happens when you negotiate a payoff for less than the total balance you owe on a debt.

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