Emily maynard dating jeremy shockey

What we didn’t know until now, was that the alleged “other man” is Oakland Raiders backup Quarterback Matt Leinart. No word on how the two met, but Leinart has a history of dating in Hollywood. You learn from your experiences good and bad – and you move on.It ultimately builds character."'s Brad Womack may look like a catch, but new reports are suggesting that the Texas bar owner has a pretty inneresting criminal record - which includes arrests for carrying a forged driver's license, passing bad checks, and public intoxication!

Tags: daniela cortazar shockey, jeremy shockey, naked picture We're not sure what's going on with marriage these days, or why the religious right are so keen to "protect" it if half of them end in divorce, and a whole bunch of them end before a year has gone by!

After the hell she was bringing, this is a HUGE win for Jeremy! The NFLer was married to Daniela Cortazar-Shockey before filing for divorce this year, and she wants her alimony NOW! Tags: alimony, daniela cortazar shockey, finances, football, jeremy shockey, zportz Earlier this month, we revealed that NFL star, Jeremy Shockey became a single man again, and while he's been living out his bachelor life…

he decided that it would be cool to post a photo of his estranged wife's nekkid ass!

“They were set up on a blind date,” a source told the celebrity magazine. Emily thinks Jeremy is nice, but she’s just having fun,” the source added.

— Emily Maynard, who recently split from “The Bachelor” star Brad Womack, is now dating Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey, Us Weekly reported Wednesday.

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