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The fact that sexual submission sites for straight males are even more popular than domination sites (though both are quite popular) indicates that flipping to the other side may offer its own satisfactions precisely So, for instance, there’s a large miscellany of male submission sites—from ones devoted to forced feminization (e.g., “Strapped in Silk”), to CFNM (Clothed Female[s], Naked Male); to several flagrantly masochistic sites, such as CBT (which—trust me on this—doesn’t stand for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but something else that ends in the word “torture”).

And the “gift” itself is an agreed-upon ”power exchange.” Most fascinating about this sexual compact is the general recognition that although the sub willingly forfeits his power to the dom, he’s doesn’t really abandon it either.He sets the pace, he’s the gatekeeper.” (And, I’d also point out, he at times his dominant counterpart what to do to him.) The person just cited also compares such a relationship to what most of us would agree represents a standard heterosexual one, observing: “Think of a woman—she’s the one that ultimately chooses what’s going to happen and what’s not going to happen” (p. Which takes us to the final section of this post, in which I’ll demonstrate that, at least as dramatized in the genre of women’s romance fiction, women may put themselves in a position to be dominated yet pretty much define the of that domination—which eventually places the ascendant hero in a far more submissive role.Or perhaps it might be said that the relationship ends up exemplifying something much closer to the feminine ideal: a truly democratic union.So what is there about being submissive that can make it thrilling (as opposed to threatening)?What needs to be stressed here is that since such a one-down sexual role is more or less selected, there can be—at least as — a certain measure of control embedded in the subordinate role.

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