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The idea that there aren’t any quality men is a myth. Why do you hold on to this as if it were truth; like it’s a reality of life that you must endure?

Take some advice from a gal who has been there, finally figured “the man-thing out,” got married at 47 and now enjoys a stellar relationship with the perfect man…for me. I mean, after all, if every man you meet is unworthy then there is no risk you’ll actually start dating or get in a relationship!

My kind of guy I'm looking is a tough guy means sincere, family oriented, single with no baggage with exes, no drama with kids if he has his own personal life , financially secure, he lives his own house or property and not renting, financially stable so I don't need to worry to much for you so I can take good care myself as well with my needs, yours is a bonus so we're not going to be struggling in the future if we like doing things.

I like my man to be to be my best friend, hate rude guys, one who doesn't know how to respect women in general esp.

Namaste Loving girl looking for a matured loving man, a romantic one and not looking for cheap charlie cause sometimes girls need to be pampered from their man.I enjoy long walks along the beach, weekends away, surfing the net, military history, politics and international relations.I also like to go shopping, see the odd movie, catch up with family and friends. Hey looking for friends or friend as of now but if there's any chemistry and same values in life and same lifestyles and friendship between you and me I maybe consider this in the future.• Review your list and decide: does this man exist?Are these qualities I’m looking for directly related to a man’s ability to make me happy?

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