Dating homerun stories

Having sex and stripping was how I made my living, paid my rent, and fed my children. I'll never make any apologies for dancing naked and/or having sex.

Suffice to say, preferring to be topless or naked, I was always slowly and sexily removing my clothes. Hey baby, here's twenty-dollars if you allow me to tuck it way down in the front of your G-string," said more than one man sitting in front of the stage.The summertime is the best time to flash and show men what women have to offer.The summertime is where I make the bulk of my money to get me through the rest of the year and the long, cold, and dark winter.* A retired stripper and prostitute goes in business for herself "Debbie, Dear Debbie, Be honest. In the way that women barely wear any clothes during the summer, are all women whores? Most mothers, wives, and sisters, except for your mother, your wife, and your sister, are all whores.Most women are whores in the same way that most men are whoremongers.

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