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Please help me with this information Marcia Hello Marcia!I don't really think we have any trouble with any colous of people I know many people of many nations also black! we have mixed kids here too Ukr women have childen and marry with black men but it is not so visible here as in USA I hope you will see what kind of people we are!There's even a famous Night club in Kiev called Patipa where most black people go and naturally, it's a club for the hip hop and RNB crowd.There's also another one called Carribean where I saw a lot of Nigerians.I was reading the post of the African man seeking a Ukrainian women compainion and couldn't help but notice seeing that black men have a hard time in that? If black men have a hard time in Ukraine then how are the black women treated in Ukraine? I am very surprised by this especially since the family I know from Ukraine and the students in my school from Ukraine are EXTREMELY open and nice people.

But I can guarantee you that they are treated just like anywhere else in the West; meaning some people are decent, some are very curious and courteous, and some people are hostile and condescending.

He and his Ukrainian girlfriend, who could also speak French very well, advised us to try clubs like Patipa, Shooters, Decadence, Avalon etc.

So on Wednesday June 3rd, my friend and I tried Shooters, but one bouncer there didn't want to let us in because of "Face control" he said.

Westerners who don't know any better will confuse this, or Ukrainian pride, with racism.

This confusion says more about the West than it does about Ukraine.

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I am black, African American but originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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