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The commission is an independent and highly distinguished body, set up in 1975 to examine areas of the law that need to be reformed.It has published nearly 200 reports that have led to all sorts of changes.My Characteristics apparantly: The Protector,emotional, shy, very loving and caring,pretty,excellent partner for life. Very family orientated, love to spend time with them.Protective, Inventive and imaginative, cautious, Touchy-feely kind of person. Please dont expect a reply if you dont have a pic, sorry.The new changes will not reverse some of the most revolting pieces of legislation.

A couple of years ago, she spoke passionately about this to the Law Reform Commission, when it was starting to look in detail at the issue.But, in Section 5, it made any act of sexual intercourse involving a “mentally impaired person” an offence.The purpose was to protect people who have an intellectual disability from exploitation or abuse — but the consequence was to make sex between two adults who have an intellectual disability a crime.The talk she gave then resonated with the commission — so much so that when it completed its latest report, and readied it for publication last week, it asked Frieda to launch it.This latest report is called Sexual Offences and Capacity To Consent.

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