12 step recovery dating

Not a huge surprise but people who spent years making the same mistakes and expecting different results tend to go back to their exes.

If the relationship didn’t work the first time, keep it moving.

Early on, each time I started dating somebody new, I would get caught up in the rush of it.

My addict mind would be all, “Oh my gawd, he’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life.” I had a string of mediocre boyfriends the first three years. We started planning a wedding before he stole my car, went on a crack binge and never came back.

It’s also common to start feeling better after working the first three steps and then take a relaxing step work vacation.

Obvi, I hadn’t really grasped that honesty thing, yet.

When he dumped me I was devastated, but that wasn’t the worst part.

I couldn’t talk to my support group about it because I was hiding the relationship.

It’s tricky to date when you haven’t had a chance to develop the healthy coping skills you’ll need when it fails (and it usually will).

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It’s super annoying to be told that you aren’t capable of making good decisions—but it’s true.

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